Saturday, April 9, 2011

What a difference a week makes

You might feel overrun by work. You might be tired from caring for your family. Maybe you just feel like as everything in nature is blooming so is everything in your life and it’s hard to keep up. But don’t forget to go outside every day to see how the world is changing.

Spring is truly a time of wonder. Just a week ago I shot a few photos to put on the blog. Today I noticed the phlox in our Marian garden is in full bloom, with tulips in their full glory in front of them. The peas in the garden have really shot up. Three sprigs of asparagus are almost ready to cut. I will cut rhubarb today. And the pretty pink blooms on the peach tree have nearly been overtaken by baby-sized green leaves.

I went for an afternoon walk and passed a lilac bush in full bloom. I’m so thankful for the breeze that blew its sweet scent directly to me. Aah, the beauty!

It’s been such a hectic week that it would have been easy for me not to see all of this. My green house has been my savior. Because I need to go out and check the temperature in there to decide if I need to raise the flap, I have to walk through the yard. Just a few steps remind me that I need to be out there not only for practical reasons, but also because nature is so full of wonder that my life would be lacking if I didn’t allow myself the time to enjoy it.

Even if it’s raining, go outside today. What do you see? What do you smell? What is so tempting you that you have to touch it? Are the birds singing? The bees buzzing? I had to chase a bee out of my car yesterday, but I couldn’t get mad. We’re all in this in together and without the bees, we wouldn’t have honey.

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