Saturday, January 14, 2012

Turnips keep us thankful for the garden

Until recently when winter finally came to Kentucky, we were still pulling fresh turnips and greens from the garden. My appreciation of this humble vegetable has deepened this winter as I’ve explored different ways to enjoy this gift from the garden.

As a child, I ate turnips raw with salt on them. That’s how my dad still prefers them. The bitterness that turns some people away from turnips is in the skin, so just peel that away and enjoy.

I now have lots of other favorite ways to prepare turnips: roasted with sweet potatoes and garlic, braised and paired with potatoes in turnip soup. I still want to try a turnip mash, which I’ve been told is fabulous.

I’ve also added turnip greens to my long list of favorite greens to sauté and serve with caramelized onions. I’ve even acquired a taste for the boiled greens my husband likes to make.

Besides tasting good, turnips also help to fulfill that important need for cruciferous vegetables in our diet. These are some of the best cancer-fighting vegetables and also add significant fiber and vitamins to a meal. For more information on cruciferous vegetables, read the article at World’s Healthiest Foods.

What are your favorite winter vegetables and how are you cooking them?

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