Saturday, February 11, 2012

Nature’s Thyme Annual Tea renews memories and introduces herbal healing

This year I accepted the challenge to decorate one of the tables for our herb club’s annual tea. In previous years I’ve attended the tea and greatly enjoyed the beautifully prepared tables as well as the scrumptious, bite-sized treats that creatively use herbs. I enlisted my friend Joan, who I know has a good eye for beauty, to help prepare the table. Together, we assembled something my grandmother would be proud of.
I bring up Grandma because we used her china on our table. When she died many years ago, Dad and Uncle Jim told Jan (my one female cousin from that side of the family) and me to decide which set of Grandma’s dishes we would each like to have. It was an easy decision. Jan wanted the stoneware; I wanted the china. Maybe they seemed to fit each of us best. It was only later that my great aunt told me I had made the right decision. It was when Grandma was feeling blue because Dad (when he was still that skinny bachelor without a thought of children) had left for the Air Force that she went out and bought the set. It seemed only right that it ended up in my home.

It was a joy to share it today. As we nibbled we also learned more about using herbs to heal from Mary Ray, an herbal therapist from Bardstown, Kentucky. She shared stories about herbs that she had seen heal, such as the comfrey that helped mend her bone and repair ligaments after she fell on ice. She also talked about plaintain, which detoxifies, and cider vinegar that reduces swelling. Her presentation reminded me to pick up my book on herbal healing and read more of it.

Listening to the wonders of herbal medicine is also prompting me to re-think which herbs I grow. Each year I try to add a new plant or two; maybe this year I’ll go beyond that. If I dig up some of the lawn to expand the garden, I don’t think my husband will mind; that just means less grass to mow.

I’ve already sent in my vegetable seed order but after today’s tea, I’m ready to think about expanding my herb garden with a few additions this year. Marjoram, Greek Oregano and Comfrey are definitely on the list but if I add more before spring arrives, I won’t be surprised. The next time I use Grandma's china for a tea, I'll have more herbs to draw from as I prepare the menu.

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  1. The table looks absolutely lovely and so nice to have those warming memories.