Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Red and Blue Potato Salad is good picnic addition

It’s potato harvest season for those of us who kept potato bugs at bay and are now reaping the benefits of a good harvest. Because visual appeal is part of the whole package for creating an appealing meal, I’m thrilled to have white, red and blue potatoes to play with. In combination, they make an attractive color package. 

I’m never sure what to take to potluck gatherings because most of the dishes I prefer to serve are meant to be eaten warm. We were recently invited to a gathering of friends. Instead of challenging myself to keep something warm until mealtime, I decided to slightly alter a potato salad recipe I had tried. I substituted my red and blue potatoes for the Yukon golds and other garden-fresh vegetables such as—red peppers and carrots. Keep in mind that reds and blues have fewer carbs than white potatoes, which provides one of the nutritional benefits of this recipe.

If you’re enjoying a good potato harvest, try this Ina Garten recipe, sans lobster (as I did) unless you’ve just pulled in those lobster traps!

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