Sunday, November 27, 2016

What about those Thanksgiving leftovers?

The thing about Thanksgiving is that it’s sometimes difficult to know how much to cook. We get so excited about cooking for the feast that we always end up with too many leftovers. Here are a few things I’m doing with them.

Turkey salad—My favorite version is a basic Waldorf salad with turkey added. I like the freshness the apples bring to the turkey.

Potato cakes—This is a favorite from my childhood. I don’t know how Grandma made them but I simply lightly beat an egg then add in a few scoops of leftover mashed potatoes with whatever seasonings if feel like. Garlic powder is my standard. I patty them up, coat in cornmeal then brown in melted butter and olive oil.

Turkey pot pie—We love this dish. If I’ve had enough turkey for a while then I’ll chop what I need and freeze it for a pot pie treat in a few weeks.

Pinto bean soup—We don’t always have ham for Thanksgiving but since we did this year I’m looking forward to a good pot of Jim’s beans. I grew the beans so it’s a joint effort!

Bread crumbs—We still have a few homemade yeast rolls left. If we don’t eat them I will freeze them and pull them out when I need bread crumbs.

What are you doing with your Thanksgiving leftovers?

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