Wednesday, October 21, 2009

October’s Gift

October has given those of us in Central Kentucky it’s most sought after gift this week—those few, precious days of a return to summer. Yesterday the afternoon temperatures reached the 70s and when I met a friend in Lexington for lunch, we were able to sit outside and eat. As soon as I returned home, I finished some desk work then took a pile of editing into my back yard “office.” I pulled a chair from under a tree to a sunny spot next to the still-growing garden greens and I edited as the sun warmed me. When I finished, I perused the faithful tomatoes and onions as well as the still ripening pumpkins.

With the few garden vegetables still coming in and those stores in the refrigerator, I’ve cooked very little this week with truly preserved foods. I made fajitas last night. The fresh peppers softened nicely in the skillet as they danced with the onions, then I threw in some fresh corn and tomatoes to make a flavorful dish. Jim likes the kind of spice that chars my mouth, so he dressed his with hot sauce is son Neal made. That was the perfect addition for him.

What are you cooking this week?

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