Saturday, October 31, 2009

Sugar Rush Day

Since I've already confessed one food weakness this week, here goes another. Sometimes I make dessert that includes no local ingredients, no fruit, no vegetables. Yes, I have a weak day now and then. Halloween seems like the ideal time to give into that urge.

I can blame it on the Food Network if I want a scapegoat. This past Saturday I watched Giada make turtles from homemade caramel and I knew I had to try it. So with my prayer group coming over last night for dessert, I decided we should have our own sort of grown-up Halloween sugar celebration. We had sweet potatoe cake (which seems to get moister and better every day) with homemade turtles. Without a candy thermometer, it was hard for me to get the caramel just perfect (it was a tad runny) but it didn't matter because it was still delicious.

Now that I've gotten the dessert-making out of my system, it's onto healthier fare for the beginning of the new month tomorrow. Watch out canned and frozen food from the Brown garden--I'll be coming in for sustenance.

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