Saturday, February 6, 2010

Going on a bean binge

Other than making stir fry with some freezer vegetables one evening, I didn’t cook much this week. Jim was in a cooking mood and he went on a bean binge. We had pinto beans and cornbread, chili and great northern beans. They were great bowls to warm us on the cold winter evenings.

Beans are a nutritious source of fiber and protein with multiple health benefits. Foods with significant fiber can help to lower cholesterol while preventing blood sugar levels from rising too rapidly after eating. For more nutritional benefits of beans, check out

We didn’t grow the beans we cooked this week, although we might take it up again this year. I find growing beans to be relatively easily; it’s shucking the dried beans that is the hard work. Jim, however, has tough hands that do it more readily than mine so it’s worth considering if we have the garden space to grow some of our favorite beans.

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