Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Looking ahead with garden seed

As I look out my window on this winter evening, my garden spot is covered by snow. The first year Jim and I lived in this house, we planted potatoes on Valentine’s Day. Last year, I put my first seeds in the ground on February 28. I fear that this year it will be March before I’m able to sink my hands into that dirt again.

My window herbs are growing, although some of them are terribly “leggy” since they have to stretch toward the light. Nonetheless, their green boosts my spirits and reminds me that winter will actually end.

I put in my orders for seeds today. I like to try something every year that I haven’t grown before. This year, it will be leeks, a mix of hot peppers, pinto and kidney beans. Perhaps something else will come along, also, although there is no more space for my garden to take over so I am limited. But I do have more seeds catalogs to look through. Some of them are filled with great gardening advice to learn from during these days of winter longing.

And as I wait for my seeds and for the ground to dry, I continue to write, hoping that my articles and stories are planting their own seeds in a reader somewhere.

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