Monday, January 31, 2011

It was a food weekend

Friday, 2:30
I took a break from work to drive up to the Marksbury Farm Market for eggs, milk, sweet potatoes and cheese. Marksbury is a new Kentucky business that processes locally raised pork, beef and chicken that is raised by the standards they set forth on their website. It’s a delightful place that makes getting locally raised products much easier in the winter when the farmer’s market isn’t open.

Saturday, 4:00
After a day of cleaning the house it was time to make supper. I had already unthawed a frozen chicken from St. Asaph Farm and made a Cushaw pie earlier in the day. To go with the roast turkey I prepared bread stuffing, blanched asparagus (from the freezer), baked sweet potatoes and roasted Cushaw. I experimented with an avocado sauce to go with the vegetables but it needs lots of perfecting before I share that recipe with anyone.

Sunday, 12:30
Sunday was seed ordering day! Yes, as the stocks of winter vegetables and canned goods begin to diminish I’m thinking about what I’ll plant this year. I’ve been enjoying perusing the catalogs and fantasizing about what this year’s garden will be. Before going crazy with a new order, I inventoried my leftover seeds and those I saved this year. That leaves me with only a few to order. I prepared one order for Seeds of Change then looked through other catalogs to discover how to take advantage of special discount offers. I’ll hold onto the Seeds of Change catalog to consult its agronomics information throughout the growing season. I’ll also keep the John Scheeper’s Kitchen Garden Seeds catalog because I like the illustrations that will help me identify plants if I have a hard time distinguishing them from weeds.

Sunday 4:30
After a weekend of good food, Jim and I went to the movies and indulged in a bucket of butter popcorn. I know it’s not so good for me but once in awhile everyone has to splurge!

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