Saturday, June 23, 2012

New discoveries in the garden keep me learning

Jim and I were weeding the strawberry bed this spring when he plucked a stem of something that looked like clove and told me to try it. The fresh, lemony bite was so refreshing that I immediately wanted more. It was wood sorrel, something he and his siblings grew up eating when they were playing in the woods.

Wood sorrel is only one of my recent discoveries as I continue to learn about planting what I want and using what's already growing. The sorrel leaves are shaped like hearts and the plants in our yard make yellow flower. I've added to salads and enjoyed it as a snack when I'm working outside.

Next is purslane. I learned about this at the farmer's market last year where someone was selling it. And I had been pulling it out as a week all year! Its leaves are succulent and they have positive nutritional benefits.

This one I planted--Mountain Mint. It's a perennial and is supposedly good for keeping bugs away from people. When working in the garden, I pull off a few leaves and rub them over my skin. The mosquitoes aren't get thick enough to test the theory, but it certainly scents my skin nicely!
Below is a Scented Geranium plant. Rub its leaves and you get a scent similar to citronella. Again, this is for keeping bugs away. I planted two in pots, one for the porch and one for the vegetable garden. Although marked as an annual in most places, I'm told that you can bring it inside for the winter and it will be a perennial.

It's all an experiement in gardening and learning. I listen, observe, learn and share and love to find gardeners who do the same so feel free to share your lessons and experiments.


  1. That's excellent! Just this weekend I found a patch of purslane in a moderately overgrown part of the garden. I weeded around it and will be mulching it for a permanent purslane patch! Yummy stuff! Keep plantain in mind too. This "weed" is wonderful for healing infections and eye irritations and the seeds have been proven to reduce LDL cholesterol!

  2. Thanks, Barb. I look up plantain and be sure to "tend"it.