Saturday, August 25, 2012

Brunch features local foods

I love it when guests come to my house and I can say our meal comes from local sources. That was the case this morning when my prayer group came for brunch. After choosing items from the garden early this morning and combining them with other locally-sourced food, here's the menu I came up with:

Garden Veggie and Herb Fritatta (made with Swiss chard, purple potatoes, onions, red pepper and yellow squash, basil, parsley and my friend Maria's eggs)
Fresh tomatoes
Fruit Salad (made with an apple, pear, peach, raspberries and strawberry yogurt)
Honey Wheat Bread topped with a choice of peach jam or honey-walnut-cream cheese spread
Chocolate Chip Zuchinni Breat (to satisfy the sweet tooth)

Healthy food, nutritious and, according to my friends, delicious. It's so much fun to have choices that make all of those things possible. As the garden season continues, continue to be grateful when the rain falls and the plants produce. I'll savor my opportunities to create from  the goodness from the garden until the last vine completes its work for the summer.

What did you cook from the garden this week?

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