Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Guest column: The Wonder of Life Farm

From time-to-time, I’ll publish guest columns on this blog. Today, meet Maria Turner, from whom I’ve been buying eggs for more than a year. Those eggs have definitely spoiled me!

This morning I got my horse out of my neighbor's pasture. Blue, a Saddlebred, had decided to visit the Stumps by knocking down a fence and walking on the road to their home. That began my day. There is always an adventure or a treat waiting on the farm.

We are a small farm. Our name, Wonder of Life farm, describes how we feel about animals and life itself. Our goal (dream) is to be sustainable in all sense of the word. We are far from that now but we are learning much about life along the way. We want our farm not only to sustain us, but be a place of joy, peace, and harmony for humans, animals and nature.

The ducks and geese have been laying tons of eggs. No mating from what I observe, so no babies but plenty of backing. The roosters are crowing, alpacas playing, chickens and horse visiting friends.

We had homeschoolers visited the farm last week. It was fun to see the children feed and love the animals. Our little store is doing well. We sell chicken eggs and local arts and crafts and "stuff". To be truly sustainable we must depend on each other to help and encourage each person's talents and dreams.

I write how I am "bouncing" from here to there. We encourage visitors, friends. Check us out at our website http://www.wonderoflifefarm.com/ or give us a call at 859-792-8923. As the turkeys say, "Gobble, gobble."

If you would like to send in a guest column, contact me at writerbeth@windstream.net.

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  1. The egss have spoiled me too!!! This Thanksgiving would like a farm raised gobble-gobble on my table-table.