Thursday, November 5, 2009

Healthy meeting food

I had an assignment yesterday to cover a health care summit and as I drove to Lexington I wondered what kind of food they would feed us for lunch. No, I wasn’t particularly hungry as it was still morning; it was just a curiosity. I would like to think that when administrators, lobbyists and concerned citizens gather to discuss caring for the health of Americans, they would be concerned enough about their own wellness to eat nutritious food.

That can only happen when the meeting organizers consider that fact ahead of time. This time around, I have to give kudos to Karen Chambers at the Catholic Conference of Kentucky for looking out for our health and our taste buds.

The spread offered a beautiful array of sandwiches, some vegetarian and many on whole wheat bread. Instead of the typical bags of chips that often accompany deli sandwiches, we had herbed potato salad and fruit. And there were delicious desserts cut into perfect, small triangles to satisfy the sweet tooth without putting on the pounds. Plus, most people (at least at my table) were drinking water rather than soda pop.

We must think about the examples we set when it comes to taking care of ourselves. Thank you, Karen, for providing food that helped us do that.

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