Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Am I turning orange yet?

I feel like I’ve been eating orange vegetables for months. Our butternut squash, pumpkin and sweet potato harvests were so plentiful that we’re still eating all of it. I can’t complain about the taste. I just made a butternut squash and pumpkin risotto over the weekend that was easy and fabulous, but please, give me some green! I think this week I need to pull some broccoli out of the freezer.

On the news last night we saw a story about the freeze in Florida killing some of the vegetables that the rest of the U.S. depends on in their off-growing season. Jim’s comment was, “That’s why people need to can.” One of the beautiful things about the orange vegetables we’ve been eating is that they don’t require canning. They will stay good and maintain their nutrition when stored properly. For information about curing and storage, check out http://urbanext.illinois.edu/hortihints/0410c.html. I actually store my veggies at a slightly higher temperature because that’s what’s easily available to me, but I hope to work something else out in the near future. We did have a box of beets to rot because they weren’t stored at the proper temperature and humidity. Maybe this year we’ll work out some underground storage for our harvest.

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