Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Then there was the Sweet Potato Salad

During the picnic days of summer we often think of making up a good potato salad to carry outside with us. In these chilly days of winter when I primarily go for warm food, I changed it up and tried a sweet potato salad. Much to Jim’s surprise, it made the taste buds dance!

Yes, even if you’re getting tired of the sweet potatoes you harvested and stored, there is yet another way to use them. This is another one of those gems of a recipe from Extending the Table . . . A World Community Cookbook. It was colorful and tempting to the eyes with the bits of green celery, white onion and red pepper nestled among the potatoes. The recipe has two choices for the dressing—honey-mustard or spicy chipotle. I made the honey-mustard. Jim, Leticia and I all enjoyed it. I don’t think Neal tried it; he’s not always big on trying something new and different. That left more for the rest of it.

As a leftover, the salad continues to hold its flavor. I’ve been thinking of adding in some black beans for a one bowl meal.

How do you use sweet potatoes? If you have a unique idea, please share it with us.

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