Thursday, January 7, 2010

Cooking made easy with Ellie Krieger

I so enjoy cooking nearly everything we eat from scratch that I sometimes forget how quickly a meal can be put together. One of my Christmas gifts was a new cookbook—So Easy by Ellie Krieger. Krieger is one of my favorite Food Network cooks because she’s also a nutritionist who pays attention to healthy food. This cookbook includes, healthy, easy recipes that don’t take an enormous amount of time or effort to prepare.

Last night I tried two recipes—prosciutto-wrapped cod and pesto potatoes and green beans. Although the potatoes took longer to steam than the recipe called for, the results, paired with our home canned green beans, were spectacular. I’m not a huge fish fan but Jim is and he was thrilled that I prepared a fish other than salmon. I was thrilled to find a way to prepare fish without frying that he actually liked.

Here are our ratings for the recipes.

Jim: 8.5
Beth: 8

Potatoes and beans
Jim: 9.5
Beth: 10


  1. Hi there Beth! I look forward to reading your blog- looks like you've been gardening up a storm. My sister Laura and I share a craft blog- it's a fun way to keep up with all my projects. Hope you and Jim are well! Katie Startzman

  2. Beth, sorry I don't get by more often! Unfortunately, it's the same with my own blog! I LOVE all the pictures, and that potato/green bean recipe sounds utterly delicious.